I have never been in to diets!

As much as I have wanted to loose a few pounds over the years, I just love food and drink too damn much. For me, food and drink, like life, are there to be enjoyed. Food is so much more than fuel for my body.

My only successful diets in the past have involved detailed calorie counting. Now, whilst I have found that this is effective and it certainly works for me, it is always quite hard work and with no real plan I always struggled to maintain it so the weight would return.

So I tried something new. It is the nearest I have come to following an actual published diet. But being me and knowing myself I just could not follow that diet, I had to make it my own otherwise I know it would have failed.

Inspired by The Fast Diet (thefastdiet.co.uk) I created a diet for myself that I found incredibly easy to do. I am still in disbelief that it worked so effectively and that I have confidence that I can manage my weight with ease from now on.

I lost the one stone I wanted to in nine weeks, whilst still enjoying amazing dirty food (lovely steaks, meals out, cake, crisps, chocolate…) and drink. And I am not talking about doing everything in moderation here; there were several blow out days where my intake was truly dirty.

Now I am no nutritionist and I will never make any claims re balance in a diet. I am a wholehearted supporter of having a reasonably balanced diet but that is not what this site is about. My site is about sharing my experiences and my diet philosophy. It is about showing how easy it can be to initially lose some weight and then to keep it off long term. It is about sharing the recipes I use to both enjoy food, loose weight and manage my weight. It is about reviewing the restaurants I eat at.

I hope you enjoy my blog and I hope to inspire at least a few people to try what I did and loose weight their way.