One of my favourite recipes – Chinese steamed white fish with ginger, garlic and spring onionsĀ 

This meal is amazing. It is very easy, very quick and extremely tasty. And it is perfect for one of my low days at less than 400 calories.

Give it a try and let me know what you think. I love this meal.

Ingredients (for two people):

  • Skinless white fish (we tend to use one fillet of Vietnamese river cobbler per person as it is lovely and tasty AND very cheap – the photo above uses monkfish which is also lovely but a lot more expensive; just buy as much or as little as you fancy)
  • Ginger puree (you can blitz or grate root ginger or do what we do and buy tubes of ginger puree – quantity you need is down to your personal preference)
  • Garlic puree (you can crush garlic cloves or do what we do and buy tubes of garlic puree – quantity you need is down to your personal preference)
  • 2 spring onions / scallions quite thinly sliced at an angle 
  • 30ml soy sauce
  • 15ml toasted sesame oil
  • 80g rice ( I think white is best with this meal; we use basmati but any long grain will do)


  • Start to cook your rice (steam or boil).
  • Place your fish in a steamer. If using small fillets (e.g. river cobbler) you can leave them whole. If using monkfish tail then cut it into medallions first.
  • Spread garlic and ginger puree over the fish. We go for a thin covering across the upper surface of the fish but you can add more or less to taste. I find it works best if you have approximately equal quantities of ginger and garlic but there are no rules.
  • Steam your fish until cooked to your liking (in our cheap steamer this takes 7 or 8 minutes).
  • Whilst the fish is steaming mix the soy sauce and toasted sesame oil together and very gently heat.
  • Once cooked place your rice on the serving plates and place the fish next to the rice.
  • Give the soy sauce / toasted sesame oil mix a shake or stir so that it is mixed and spoon over the fish and rice.
  • Sprinkle the sliced Spring onions / scallions over and you are done.
  • Enjoy a beautiful, simple, healthy meal.

I am sure this will become a go-to meal. It is for us. We absolutely love it.

Suggestions for modifying this meal

  1. Make it mega healthy by replacing rice with cauliflower “rice”. Just blitz some cauliflower and lightly toast / roast it. This will reduce calories a lot and it is extra veg in your diet.
  2. Reduce calories by reducing the amount of soy sauce / toasted sesame oil mix. You do need some for flavour though. Personally I think the oil adds a beautiful depth of flavour but you could save 60 calories by just using the soy sauce.
  3. Try it with your favourite fish.

This is the Vietnamese river cobbler that we use…yum

I would love to know what you think.

Thanks for readingšŸ˜ƒ