Super-Healthy, Super-Easy Cauliflower-Base Pizza

Cauliflower is amazing. When I was growing up it was the veg of dread. We typically got over-boiled cauliflower that was pretty tasteless. Occasionally we got cauliflower cheese, which is lovely (see my halogen oven roast pork post for a dead easy recipe). So imagine my surprise when I hear that cauliflower is becoming trendy; when people are talking about cauliflower couscous, cauliflower rice and even cauliflower pizza.

I was certainly sceptical but I was very wrong. Cauliflower can be an amazing low calorie, super-healthy substitute for couscous, rice and, most surprisingly of all, pizza base. You have to give it a try, it is awesome.

This pizza recipe serves two people and is perfect for a low calorie day as each serving was only 300 calories.

And don’t worry if you are not a cauliflower fan; keep the base nice and thin it and the pizza will not actually taste of cauliflower.

Right, first the ingredients:

For the base
1 cauliflower, stripped of its leaves
1 large egg

For the sauce
400g tin if chopped tomatoes
Small handful of basil leaves chopped 
10 small green pitted olives chopped 
4 sundried tomatoes (most of the oil scraped off) chopped
A couple of cloves of garlic (or cheat and use a squirt of garlic puree like I did)
Ground black pepper

For the topping
125g ball of light mozzarella cubed
Small handful of basil leaves chopped

Now for the method:

I usually start by getting the sauce cooking. Put all of the ingredients except the black pepper in a saucepan and stir to mix. Bring to the boil and simmer for about 25 minutes stirring occasionally so that it does not stick to the pan or burn. It could not be easier. Just adjust the simmering time depending upon how wet or thick you like your sauce; the thicker it gets the more intense the flavour.

Whilst the sauce is simmering you can make the pizza base.

Break the cauliflower up into florets and blitz until it has a couscous-like consistency (see the photo below). You can use the stalks too.

Now break the egg into the blitzed cauliflower and mix thoroughly.

Place some baking parchment on your baking tray of choice and then spread your pizza base mix evenly across it. There are no rules regarding how thick the base is. The thicker it is the more cauliflower taste there will be in the final pizza.

Now cook the pizza base until slightly golden. I usually do it at 200degC in a fan oven for about 10 to 15 minutes (or 180degC in a halogen oven). The aim of this stage is principally to dry out and firm up the base but it also imparts a gentle nutty flavour.

Once ready take the base out of the oven. Now add black pepper to the sauce to taste (I add quite a bit personally to add a bit of heat).

Spread the sauce over your pizza base and top with the basil leaves and mozzarella cubes.

Now put back in the oven and cook for a further 10 minutes. Then, hey presto! A beautiful, super-tasty, super-healthy pizza.

Suggestions for modifying this recipe:

  • Let’s face it, this is a pizza so I don’t really need to tell you that you can modify it by using the topping of your choice. Just keep it low calorie if you are on a low day.
  • Even if you are not on a low day the base is lovely so you can just top it with your usual dirty topping so that you can enjoy your usual pizza taste sensation whilst consuming less calories and more veg.
  • The sauce is also infinitely modifiable. You can leave out the olives and sundried tomato for a really basic, even lower calorie sauce. You could add flavourings of your choice. Just keep them low calorie if you are on a low day. Herbs, spices and roasted peppers are good for this.
  • If you can’t eat tomatoes then try blitzing roasted red, yellow and orange bell peppers. Lovely.